Russian visa

Russian visa free regulations for cruise and ferry passengers

In recent years the Russian Authorities created a new law allowing cruise and ferry passengers to visit St. Petersburg without a Russian visa; all you require is your tour ticket.Visa-free St Petersburg

The tour ticket is an official document, different for every tourism company who are licensed to operate on the Russian market. Every passenger is obliged to carry their passport and tour ticket (it can be generated or sent to you at the final stage of your booking with MaxiBaltTours) while going through the Passport control.

Your MaxiBaltTours tour ticket will give you the opportunity to go on a tour of St. Petersburg without obtaining a Russian visa with a company representative (tour guide) and follow the itinerary you have chosen, however you won't have the chance to do your own activities or to go sightseeing separately from your tour group, as well as to get off the ship and wonder without a tour guide.

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Russian visa support

If you would like to discover St. Petersburg on your own, then you will need to get an official Russian visa which you obtain with Russian visa support from us. You can apply for our these support doocuments by filling out the special form below. You will receive an Travel Voucher and a Confirmation letter from MaxiBaltTours with which you personally have to apply for the your visa at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Often this can be done on-line.


To obtain a visa you will need a passport valid for at least 6 months after your arrival to Russia and with a minimum of 2 adjacent empty pages.


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Two-day tour of St. Petersburg including Faberge Museum
Marilyn H, Boyle, Canada
Of all the many ports we visited, St. Petersburg was the absolute best.
Brilliant Value and Lots of Advantages
Richard Haines, Haywards Heath, UK
We had a two day tour of Saint Petersburg and MaxiBaltTours were excellent throughout.
St Petersburg guides
MaxiBaltTours takes it very seriously when it comes to choosing and training guides.
St Petersburg cruise season has started
Summer 2016 cruise season was officially opened on May 2nd in St Petersburg Passenger Port. On this day Costa Pacifica cruise ship with 2837 passengers on its' board embarked St Petersburg port.
Russian ballet
Russian ballet
Folk show
Folk show
Boat trips
Boat trips
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Optional tours
Russian Folk Show

Russian Folk Show

When you are in St. Petersburg, ballet is one of the things you can't miss! This is where the Russian Composer Peter Tchaikovsky wrote Swan Lake, one of the most beautiful and dramatic ballets of all times. Ballet here is always accompanied by an orchestra and you can be guaranteed that you will see a high quality performance.

Duration: 2 hours
Russian Ballet

Russian Ballet

If you are looking for a great way to relax after a day of sightseeing and want to get to know the Russian culture and mind, then this show is definitely for you. You will see Russian & Cossack dancing, listen to famous national instruments while beautiful voices sing of the joyful traditions in the Russian countryside. Feel yourself Russian!

Duration: 2-3 hours
Canal Tour

Canal Tour

What can be more impressive than seeing the beauty of St. Petersburg leisurely from the water? The city is criss-crossed with small rivers and canals which make the city look like Venice or Amsterdam. Our comfortable boat will take you past the granite embankments along the main waterways of St. Petersburg.

Duration: 1 hour